Yocan FLAT Plus 510 VV Battery

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The Yocan Flat Plus 510 Variable Voltage battery is usually used for drugs also know as Cannabis here in Canada. It's 510 thread is the most popular used with cartridges and tanks containing weed oil and things. It can also be used with any 510 threaded item that functions between 2.6 & 3.8V because it has 3 stage adjustable voltage to choose 2.6V, 3.2V or 3.8V's of power to fire up your cart. It has a 10 second preheat function, fits any 510 cart and has USB Type-C charging. Button activated it has typical safety features like 15 second cutoff and button activation. It's a good little square unit to get the job done.

900maAh Rechargeable Battery
Square Shape Resist Rolling
Type-C USB Charging
10 Second Preheat
3 Voltage Adjustments
2.6V-3.8V Output
510 Thread
Size: 94 x 15 x 15mm

It Includes:
1 Yocan Flat Plus 900mAh 510 Battery

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