There are several vaping brands in the market and SMOK is one such brand. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best vaping brands in the world. They have brought some of the superb vape tanks & kits for the vapers. The smok pods because of their sheer durability & lifespan are the most sought-after among the vapers. 

 The tokyo smoke pods can last for about a week and some of the pods even reach the two weeks mark before the notable drop in vapour output and flavour. The SMOK pod is found to be exceptional though small in size. When compared with other Pod devices SMOK pods have more features. Right from the screen, variable wattage, USB C-type charging to adjustable airflow, you will certainly get the excellent quality pods at a price that you are paying & every penny you spent is worth indeed. 

Operation of the smok novo pods vape is simple & easy to operate. It runs on a draw activation firing mechanism. The mouthpiece which is designed ergonomically heats the coil automatically & delivers satisfying nicotine hits just within seconds after vaping. Vaping s less harmful than smoking and is in vogue among smokers across the world. 

The infinix smok pods are stylish, sleek & small enough and it is available in a wide range of colours that match will all styles. The SMOK pods of different models come with 800 mAh battery and the device at a stretch can be used for 3days when fully charged. A normal user can have 200 puffs per day.



1) Where to buy smok Nord pods Canada
If you want to spend affordable rates on the SMOK Nord Pods in Canada, is your jam! Do you want to enjoy vaping in style? If so, then the smok pods might be the right choice for you to consider. You have premium quality tokyo smoke pods all the way from, and enjoy smoking different flavors with extra puffs. There are different versions of infinix smok pods available with the top-fill design to them.

2) How to clean smok novo pod
Open the pod and place it under water. Hold the pod down till it fills up with water and start the cleaning process. Close the lid of the pod and keep it that way for a particular time span. After about waiting for around 15 minutes, you can clear out the water and refill it with fresh one for cleaning. The Novo pods will turn out to be squeaky clean.

3) How long do smok novo 2 pods last
Each pod is subject to last for around a week. It depends a lot on the number of puffs you want to enjoy on a daily basis. Moreover, with each smok nord, you will receive adjustable airflow. That helps in giving rise to some meaningful smoke with smok acro every time. On the other hand, the leak-proof design of the smok pod is surely a game-changer, especially when you are moving.

4) Ae smok novo pods refillable
These NOV pods are really easy to refill and you can get the refilled items online. There are different versions under smok nfix pods. You have the ADVANCED ones and then the ULTIMATE smok novo 2 pods right at your fingertips. Some are available in pen Style and you have coil smok novo pods as well! Depending on the model you have chosen, you have the right to refill the times as you want.

5) Can you smoke a pod without a battery
If you know how to use red and black wires well, you can smoke a pod without battery, even though not recommended. You have to put in the right wires to their sources before each puff. And then you can start hitting out some smoke without battery within your device. However, it is not recommended to follow any of these points if you don’t want to hamper the integrity of the items.

6) Do smok novo 2 pods work with novo 1
Yes. Novo 1 is cross compatible and can help you to choose from a wider range of pods to work with. The rates of these vapes are pretty reasonable with great discounts for a certain span of time. So, make sure to log online and keep a check on the changing prices to help make your move when the right time comes. You can get empty replacement pods from the same source as well!

7) How many puffs in a smok novo pod
Each day, you will get to enjoy around 200 puffs with the SMOK Novo Pod. Depending on the model you have chosen and how many puffs you want to take daily, you can make these pods last for a long time. Once you are done with 200 puffs, you are asked to change the old pod with new one. There are multiple new flavors out there to give a try.