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*18 mg available in all flavours*
*0 Nic now available in Golden Tobacco, Polar Mint, Cucumber, Berry, Crisp Mix, Rich Mix, Vibrant Mix, and Wild Mix*
*BOLD 20 mg now available in Exotic Mix, Mango, Berry, Rich Tobacco, and Spearmint*

There has been an immense demand among smokers for e-cigarettes. One such very popular e-cigarette is vuse vape. It does not have any combustion, and the liquid inside the device gets heated. The user inhales liquid vapour and not the smoke. 

All the devices &e-liquids are of premium quality & are made conforming to consumers’ safety standards. Each vuse device is customized according to the specific vaping preference of an individual. 

On average single pod is capable of delivering 200-275puffs which is equal to a pack of 20 cigarettes. As vuse pods pack comprises two pods, the user will roughly get about 2 packs of cigarettes. 

A vuse epod when used regularly can last for about 12 months. The lasting completely depends on the vaping behaviour of the user. The efficiency of the battery after 12 months tends to deteriorate because of frequent charging.  The device is given charge making use of the vuse charger particularly designed for charging the e-cigarette device.

A wide variety of vuse vaping devices are available but the most powerful & popular e-cig is the Vibe. It comes with a long-lasting battery & also has the largest e-liquid tank. The users will get to choose from the broad spectrum of vuse flavors as the e-liquid of various flavours is available. 

The user can refill the vuse and enjoy vaping till the time the device functions properly. Place an order online and get free shipping with the purchase of any vuse device. The product will be delivered to your doorstep. 



1) How to use vuse
You need to drop a pod into magnetic housing and then start taking drags. The process to use Vuse is pretty simple! Enjoy smoking like never before, thanks to vuse for that! Spend around $99 on vuse Canada for free shipping or you get to use any vuse device or bundle with a device and get free shopping on the entire cart, no matter whatever the size is!

2) Where to buy vuse pods Canada
Now you get to purchase refillable vuse Canada straight from the house of Get some lucrative discounts and combo packages from here. All the vuse epod 2 products are noted to be completely interchangeable, thanks to their 100% compatibility. You have the new 0% now available on golden tobacco vuse pods, berry, or cucumber flavors. Just be sure of the discounted deals before making another purchase from

3) How to refill a vuse pods
You need to remove the battery and mouthpiece first from the clearomizer. Then select the juice you wish to fill it up with and squeeze gently to fill it up. Once done, replace the battery and mouthpiece and you are ready!You have new BOLD 1.8% available in some vuse vape options, including mango, berry, polar mint, and exotic mix. Checking out the flavours beforehand is important.

4) How many puffs in a vuse pod
Here, you will enjoy approximately 190 puffs or around 275 puffs. Right now, you can get some lucrative discounts on vuse epod as well. These are mainly the best vuse pods Canada with nicotine salt and new b0old with + V-ultra nicotine to them. These options under vuse epod Canada are considered to be not just convenient, but genuine any the same time. So, grab the best items right away!

5) How much are vuse pods
It is hard to pick a price as it depends on the package you have chosen. It can be anywhere between $12 and $20. There are some packs available with pods and a vuse charger to help complete your entire smoking experience. In some instances, you get to choose 5 different vuse flavors to create a pack as well! The bulk orders will help you to save extra bucks on the purchases.

6) How to charge vuse epod without charger
Use the power of laptop or other charging adapter to charge your vuse epod without charger. Make sure to deal with the available charging options before you can proceed further and make a selection. Once you have invested some money on vuse pod flavors, these products are subject to last for around 300 full charge or discharge cycles, before which the battery starts to deteriorate.

7) How long do vuse pods last
It is designed to last for around 12 months. Now the available lasting option depends on your vaping behavior. After 12 months, the battery efficiency will start to deteriorate because of the frequent charging from your side. This is a common phenomenon as seen in all lithium ion batteries. Make sure to change the pods when the time comes to enrich your vaping experience for sure.

8) How long does a vuse battery last
One charge per day will let the battery last for 9 months. Remember to take good care of the pods if you want the items to last for a long time. Get the top-notch quality products from, and things will start to work out well. If you are lucky enough, you might get lucrative discounts on some chosen Vuse products. Charge the battery right on time to never miss out on a puff.