The envi vape produces a wide range of one-use vaping devices available in multiple flavors and comes with users’ choice of nicotine salt strength that gives the users a satisfying vaping experience.  The envi boost vape is a very high-performance single-use vape that comes with mouth-to-lung draw activation. It is bold, satisfying & has an anti-slip grip. 

 The foremost reason for envi vapes gaining massive popularity is the nice strong flavours that the users can feel while vaping, to be precise, the hit can be felt. Satisfying performance, unreal price & arsenal of amazing flavours make the envi boost vape Canada one of the new best single-use vaping devices in the Canadian market. 

 With the use of an envi vape, one can get 1500puffs. This vaping device is considered to be the most simple when it comes to vaping. It is the ultimate and best option for new vapers who are looking to start simple. The device comprises salt nicotine. The particular disposable vaping device is a slim and single-used closed pod that is available in a wide variety of flavours & strengths. If you are a new vaper, you can certainly start with it as it will give complete satisfaction. 

 As the envi vape canada is a disposable vape and does not comes with a charging option. Depending on the use of the user, the device will function. So, delight your taste buds with strong, smooth & delectable flavors all in high-quality vape. Thus, experience the envi in your palm.  



1) How long do envi vapes last
The envi nano vape that you get Canvape.com is designed to last for a pretty long time. Once purchased, most of these vapes will provide you with 1500 puffs before they ran out of juices. These are disposable items. So, when out of puffs, you can dispose them for new flavors right away! There are so many top-notch flavors, waiting for trying out big time. So, get the ones you like right away!

2) Where to buy envi vape
There are so many online stores selling Envi Vapes these days. But, if you really want to make the best purchase without burning a hole in the pocket then Canvape.com might be the right online store for you. Here, you can get discounts on the vapes at certain times. Available in small and compact form, the envi vape Canada is known for its premium quality result. So, once purchased, you can enjoy vaping for a pretty long time.