The voopoo pod is another type of pod that comes with ingenious ITO atomization technology. This particular pod offers a solid vaping experience to the vapers. It is a highly recommended vaping solution offering smooth and satisfying vaping experience. If you are using voopoo vinci for vaping, then stay assured that you will get to vape for an entire day from an 800 mAh battery. It is easy to use, straightforward & is even great for those who are beginners. 

When it comes to buying voopoo Canada, the first thing that comes to the minds of the users is how long this pod will last. It actually depends on the frequency of vaping during the day. An average user can have 350 puffs from the voopoo vape.  Though for some users, it can last for a few days while for others very less time. Make sure to check the LED light on the device as it serves as an indicator. 

When it comes to vaping pods & tanks & pens, Voopoo has better building quality. The flavour from the Voopoo coils is of superior quality & it also lasts longer. The coils can last between 1-2 weeks. You can put the voopoo pods on charge and use them for many days until they malfunctions. 

The best place to buy the voopoo pods is the online platform. You can get a discount when you buy from the premium seller. Shipping is also free and the product will reach your doorstep soon as you place the order.



1) Where to buy voopoo pods Canada
You can purchase voopoo drag x plus and other options from Canvape.com. The main goal of voopoo is to make the vaping experience memorable. With so many versions available online such as voopoo drag, voopoo drag 2, and even voopoo drag s, you don’t have to look anywhere else. All you have to do is visit Canvape.com and get your hands on the best voopoo drag 3 and even on the voopoo argus pro versions.

2) How much is a voopoo drag
Depending on the model you have chosen like voopoo vinci or drag, the rates are subject to vary. It is hard to pinpoint. VOOPOO is an international brand focusing on voopoo vape for a long time. By using technology innovation and investment, the company has made some of the best voopoo argus options. The main aim of voopoo drag mini is to give more vape life possibilities and enjoy the beauty of it all.

3) How to unlock voopoo drag
You have to press the “fire” and “up” button simultaneously for unlocking. The methods are pretty simple and even first timers can work on it. There are four different series available and those are voopoo drag x, VINCI, V, and ARGUS. Each one is known to have a specific voopoo panda pod. Make sure to check out the available features before finalizing the one that seems to be your best choice among the masses.

4) How to clean voopoo drag
Use simple tap water for cleaning your voopoo drag. At first, you have to remove the excess e-liquid from the tank or the pod. Then you need to remove the coil and soak the pod in warm water for few minutes. Then with the help of a soft cloth or paper towel dry the pod before you start using it once again. It is useful to get cotton bud for removing extra vape juice from hard to reach areas.

5) How to fill voopoo drag
Open the top of the tank and lift up the rubber tab. Fill it up with your favorite liquid and you are done. The steps are pretty simple. You have to push in open button, located at top of the tank. Then slide the ring in a clock-wise motion till it reveals the rubber bung. Then lift the rubber tab. Fill it with desired e-liquids and then allow to soak it for 5 minutes. Re-fit the rubber tab and then install it inside the device.

6) How to prime voopoo pnp coil
Just fill the tank with liquid and leave it on stand for few minutes before vaping. It will help the cotton inside the new coil to absorb enough e-liquid and making it all set for your first ever tasty vaping experience. The task is pretty simple and you will get instruction manual with the product. Follow the steps as it is, and it won’t be that long to prime the PNP coil of the Voopoo items.

7) How to change a voopoo coil
Pull pod off from top and turn it upside down. Pull the coil out from bottom, insert the new one and press firmly.Another interesting part about voopoo pnp coils is the rate that these products come with. Whether you want to purchase voopoo argus gt or get your hands on voopoo drag nano 2, you don’t have to spend a lucrative amount for voopoo Canada. The voopoo drag coil is designed to last long, for both the voopoo drag max and voopoo drag s pro versions.

8) Is voopoo a good brand
Yes. VOOPOO is an international brand known for innovative technology. Depending on the model you have chosen, the rates are subject to differ. But, no matter whatever the rate might have been, you will surely find one based on your needs for sure. All you have to do is check out the options and then proceed further to choose one. There are different flavours of pods available as well from here.