Canadian Excise Tax Info


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      JANUARY 1st......... STOCK UP NOW!!!! SUPPLIES ARE DWINDLING. We are already receiving taxed items which means the customer has to pay the tax already.

      Vapenjuice will no long come in 30ml bottles as the "deal" 3 for $20 with tax will be 3 for $41.00 :|

      Last E-liquid company 120ml will cost $40.95 instead of $24.95

      12 Monkeys 60ml will be $34.95 instead of $24.95

      STLTH 5 for $55 will be 5 for $70


      January 1st we can no longer sell non-taxed products and no other companies will either due to the harsh penalties if caught. We are already out of some products that are currently not available in a taxed form and the list will continue to grow over the coming weeks. When they are produced again they will be taxed. Everything will be taxed well before January.
      Some popular brands, strengths, flavours and disposables are already sold out at distributors. Our next shipment of Breeze, Keep it 100 and several other brands will be taxed.
      You will notice different pricing on some restock items the taxes applied will be as follows:

      Federal Taxes Calculations

      • For the first 10 mL of vaping substance, a duty is applied at a rate of $1.00 per 2 mL of the vaping substance.
      • For each additional 10 mL of vaping substance thereafter, a duty is applied at a rate of $1.00 per 10 mL of the vaping substance.
      Example 1:
      Closed pod pack(Stlth 3 pod cartridges) the tax payable will be $1 per 2ml which equals a $3 increase to pod packs.
      Example 2:
      A 60 mL bottle of e-liquid at Federal excise duties would be $1 per 2 mL for the first 10 mL, which equates to $5. The remaining 50 mL would be $1 per 10 mL which equates to another $5.
      Increase per bottle size:
      30ml = $7.00(tax)
      60ml = $10.00(tax)
      120ml = $16.00(tax)
      We ENCOURAGE everyone to buy up as much as they can as soon as they can due to the expensive taxes coming to all vaping liquid products with or without Nicotine.
      As the vaping industry continues to evolve and grow, the Canadian Government has decided to implement an excise tax on vaping products that contain vaping substances with or without nicotine. As your retail partner, please find below some key information that will help you understand this new regulation and how it will impact your future business.
      All vaping products that are meant for sale in the Canadian duty-paid market are required to have an excise stamp affixed to the product as proof that duties have been paid. Canadian manufacturers and importers are responsible for applying excise stamps to vaping products that are intended for sale in the Canadian duty-paid market and remit payments to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).