Here comes the all-new allo vapor, all-in-one ready vaping solution for the vapers. It is a ready-to-vape nicotine vaping system that is instinctively designed for disposing of once it is empty. The allo vapor disposable device is lightweight, compact and comes with over-inhale protection that ensures flavourful and smooth draws with easiness. 

 As you choose allo vapor Canada, you will be astonished to find that it is available in 33 savoury flavours and each has 2 nicotine levels. Depending on the preference of the users, the users can choose the nicotine level. Another significant feature of this vaping device is it is easy to use. As it is a disposable device, it comes completely charged with a draw activation level. The device easily fits the palm, is handy & very convenient to use. 

 The allo vapor review is commendable and if you go by the review, you will certainly get the best. As it is for single use but is long-lasting also. The device comes with a 1.2ml e-liquid with 280 mAh battery capacity which will surely last for the entire day. 

The allo disposable is of standard size and you get complete satisfaction & peace of mind using the vaping device. It has over-inhale & short circuit protection. The puffs on allo vapor pods usually vary as it depends on the time length of pulling the puff.  For a normal user, there are around 350 puffs. All allo vapes are extremely good as available in mouth-watering flavours that are smooth & easy to inhale.



1) How long do allo vapor last

Once properly charged, the Allo battery of the allo vapor ultra is designed to last somewhere between 1 and 2 days. It solely depends on the usage frequency. In case the vapor from the device gives out a burnt taste or the vapor seems flavorless and thin, these are signs that you might have to change the device for a new one. Make sure to choose our center at, if you want some major discounts on the vaping pens.

2) Where to buy allo vapor

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