Yocan Blade Dabbing Knife

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The Yocan Blade Dabbing Knife is designed for precise and safe dabbing. This innovative hot knife has two tips for scooping dabs out of hard-to-reach places in containers. 
It features a 400mAh battery with three adjustable voltage settings (3.0V, 3.6V, and 4.2V), and is USB-C rechargeable (cable included).  Enjoy the power and convenience of the Yocan Blade Dabbing Knife. Simply dip the blade into your concentrate and hit the button to heat up and the dab easily drops in to your banger or coil.

Compatible with Concentrates
400mAh Battery Capacity
USB Type-C Charging Technology
Variable Voltage Setting
Replaceable Ceramic Tips
Magnetic Connection

It Includes:
1x Yocan Blade with pre-installed K2 Tip
1x Extra K1 Tip
1x Type-C USB Cable
1x User Manual

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