Vuse Pro Smart Solo Device

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The Vuse Pro Smart Solo Device is the next generation connected vaping device. It comes with a more powerful battery that charges 80% in up to 20 minutes. Pair your device via MYVUSE app and unlock features, including Usage Tracker, Cloud Control, Find My Vape with sound, Recharge Reminder and Device Lock.

What is the difference between Vuse PRO Smart and Vuse ePod2+?
1. LED shape: Illumination at center, fade to ends.
2. New design
3. Buzzer alerts you of the location of your device through the Find My Vape feature when paired with the MYVUSE app.
4. Faster charging capability for Lithium-Ion battery cell (80% charge in 20 minutes).

Can I use Vype ePod pods with Vuse PRO Smart?
Yes, you can use your Vuse ePod pods.

How do I know if my Vuse PRO Smart is charging?
When your device is charging the LED on the device will be flashing Red. When your device LED turns solid Green your device is 80% charged. When your device LED switches off your device is fully charged.

It Includes:
1x Vuse Pro Smart Solo Device

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