Vuse Go XL 2 For $25.95!!!

Vuse Go XL 2 For $25.95!!!

Regular price $43.90 Sale price $25.95 Save $17.95

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Vuse Canada's best deal and the cheapest price on Vuse Go XL Disposables. 

Pick your favourite flavours and only pay $25.95 for 2!!!

One-time use puff-activated vaping device with pre-filled e-liquid
Featuring a flavour range of 17 intense flavours with new taste sensations
Easy to use with no re-charging, no button and no refilling required.
Slim & lightweight design makes it perfect for on-the-go moments.
Premium finish made of anodized aluminium.

Liquid: 4.8mL
Strength: 20mg/mL
Puffs Count: 1500

It Includes:
2x Vuse Go XL Disposable Vape

*Based on laboratory testing of newly manufactured product and may vary depending on an individual’s usage behaviour.

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