[Clearance] STLTH & Vice LOOP Pod Device Battery

[Clearance] STLTH & Vice LOOP Pod Device Battery

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The all new STLTH & Vice LOOP Pod Device offers a greener approach through its replaceable pre-filled pods and rechargeable battery. The STLTH LOOP Device stands  with its 600 mAh battery for when you're on the move. Its USB Type-C charging capability and built-in battery indicator streamline recharging, 

The STLTH LOOP Device is exclusively compatible with both STLTH LOOP Pods and VICE LOOP Pods. it has a vertical mesh coil,  while their 10ML premium e-liquid capacity ensures extended usage for up to 5000 puffs.

When your STLTH LOOP Pod or VICE LOOP pod is depleted, simply swap it out. STLTH LOOP and VICE LOOP Pods snap into place using magnetic attachment, guaranteeing a secure connection to the device.


LED Battery indicator
Rechargeable Via USB Type-C
Designed For Use With STLTH Loop Pods and VICE Loop Pods

It Includes:
1x Vice LOOP Closed Pod Device
1x USB Type-C Charging Cable
1x Instruction Manual

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