Utillian 8 E-Rig

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Utillians First Ever E Rig - For Sophisticated Vaporization - The Utillian 8 E-Rig offers four temperature levels for vaporizing sessions. The first two range from 204°C (400ºF) to 316°C (600ºF), while the highest level can reach up to 800ºF for maximum wax extraction and enormous clouds.

The U8 features a 3150 mAh battery that allows you to enjoy around 30 sessions on a single full charge. The integrated auto shut-off turns off the device when not vaporizing, saving your battery life for active sessions.

The LED lights indicate when it's time to start your session. Controlling your session with the intuitive single-button interface is very easy. These LEDs are located around the button and at the base of the bubbler for visibility.

The narrow style of bubbler that the U8 features helps to prevent splashback during percolation, and the slight tint helps to keep your device looking clean for longer. Now you can enjoy more sessions without needing to clean your glass bubbler constantly.

The Utillian 8 features an aluminum body housed in a cover that uses fabric and plastic to create a sleek design. Not only is the U8 stylish, but it's also customizable with a removable fabric cover and bubbler. The fabric cover is attached with magnets and provides a comfortable grip to hold on to while operating the multi-tool. The built-in tool functions as a choke, wax tool, and carb cap for added convenience.

The Utillian 8 E-Rig provides many features that allow it to efficiently vaporize all active ingredients in your wax, such as the BurstHit 3D atomizer, which comes equipped with terp pearls. The addition of these features allows even the simplest concentrates to taste amazing.

Detachable Device Fabric Cover
High-Performance BurstHit 3D Atomizer
Ruby Terp Pearls
Tinted Bubbler
Multi-Function Tool
Form-Fitting Carrying Case
Haptic and Hue Feedback

It Includes:
1x Utillian 8 E-Rig
1x Utillian 8 E-Rig Carrying Case
1x Utillian 8 Glass Mouthpiece
1x Utillian 8 BurstHit Heating Element
2x Utillian Ruby Terp Pearls
5x Cotton Swabs
5x Alcohol Prep Pad
1x USB Type C Charging Cable
1x Instruction Manual

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