Utillian 50 510 Thread Battery

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The Utillian 50 510 Thread Battery is a pen-style 510 thread battery. It has many great features that make its use easy and convenient. The U50 can be used with any cartridge up to 10.5 mm in size, which connects to the device using a magnetic adapter. This design keeps only the mouthpiece visible, so it stays discreet. The vape pen is sturdy yet lightweight, making it ideal for on-the-go use. The cartridge securely fits into the device, which makes pocketing the unit a simple without worrying about it falling out or causing a mess.

The Utillian 50 vape pen has a few special features that have been tweaked to make sessions as convenient as possible. The first is an airflow sensor, which activates the heating element as soon as it registers your inhalation. The U50 Vape also comes with an automatic preheating function that supplies a lower voltage to the heating element for 15 seconds, essentially preparing your heating chamber for the upcoming session.

The Utillian 50 is constructed mainly from long-lasting ABS Plastic. It weighs approximately 22 grams, making it ideal for use on the go. Additionally, the U50 includes 2 magnetic adapters that attach to the bottom of your preferred cartridge for seamless incorporation into the device. When it comes to operating this 510 thread battery, it features a LED design that encircles the USB-C port at the bottom. The LED interface shows temperature settings, battery level, charging status, and preheat activation.

LED Interface
310mAh Battery
USB-C Charging
60 Minute Full Charge

It Includes:
1x Utillian 50 510 Thread Battery

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