Tronian Omegatron Heating Element Cover

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Unleash the potential of your vapour with the groundbreaking Tronian Omegatron Heating Element Cover. This innovative metal piece features an ingenious design that redirects vapour through a sleek cylinder-style tube, resulting in fuller, richer clouds.

Indulge in the abundance of vapour as the Tronian Omegatron Heating Element Cover unleashes its true potential. Designed to redirect and compact the vapour into the Glass Cup, ensuring a more immersive and captivating vapour experience, leaving you in awe of its fuller vapour clouds.

Enjoy the convenience of easy access with the Heating Element Cover's simple unscrew feature. When it's time for maintenance and cleaning, removing the cover becomes a breeze, allowing you to keep your device in optimal condition effortlessly as the vapour touches and gunks up less silicone parts that are harder to clean and retain odor.

Compatible with the Tronian Omegatron E-Rig Vapour Cup

It Includes:
1x Tronian Omegatron Heating Element Cover

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