Tronian Omegatron Glass Core Heating Element

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The Tronian Omegatron Glass Core Heating Element is meticulously engineered for the Vapor Cup Omegatron. The Glass Core is a more efficient heating element when compared to the commonly used triple coil heating elements found on most Vapor Cups.

Prepare for a revolutionary experience with the state-of-the-art Glass Core Heating Element. Its innovative design enhances vapor production, delivering fuller and more flavorful clouds, when compared to coil based vapor cups. This style of Heating Element is not seen on any other Vapor Cup.

The cutting-edge design of this Heating Element maximizes the purity and richness of the vapor, unlocking a spectrum of delectable flavors for you to savor. The effectiveness of this Heating Element allows it to perform much better than the standard Triple Coil.

Designed exclusively for the Vapor Cup Omegatron, the Heating Element guarantees seamless compatibility and unrivaled performance. The idea behind using small glass pebble-like pieces is so the heat can be more evenly distributed on a bigger surface area, reducing hot spots and increasing its efficiency. The downside is that it is harder to clean, but that can be easily solved by soaking it 15 minutes longer in rubbing alcohol.

Compatible with the Tronian Omegatron E-Rig Vapour Cup

It Includes:
1x Tronian Omegatron Glass Core Heating Element

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