Spark 14mm Nectar Collector Kit

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Spark 14mm Nectar Collector Kit

This glass Nectar Collector is an easy and efficient way to enjoy dabs whether at home or on the go. It comes in its own padded, protective gift box which is perfectly portable and great for traveling while keeping your glassware safe and secure. Like with most dab rigs you can use this nectar collector with a variety of extracts and concentrates, however, this dabbing device isn't compatible with dry herbs.

Compared to traditional table-top dab rigs, nectar collectors for dabbing have many benefits and positives. Firstly, it's more affordable than many dab rigs, helping you save money especially when times are tight. It's easily portable and as everything slots into a mid-sized box, it can all be stashed away neatly. The efficiency will impress you with very, very little to no waste products at all - you can enjoy every last bit of your extract. It's also easier to use than a full-size piece; no loading of dabs, just assemble the nectar collector, dip, and then dab!

It Includes:
1x Glass Tray 1.5"
1x Titanium 9mm Tip 1.5"
1x Glass 9mm Tip 3"
1x Glass Mouthpiece 3"
1x Body Compartment
1x Clip

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