SLiM 7500 Puff Rechargeable Disposable Vape *New Lower Price

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Introducing the SLiM 7500 puff vape. This disposable vape has a colourful matte finish and slim profile. Don't let it's size fool you, it comes prefilled with a large capacity of 14ml 20mg salt nicotine E-Juice. The slim utilizes a dual vertical mesh coil to enhance each flavour to its fullest. Always know your battery and E-liquid levels at a glance with the indicator lights built into the front of the slim, don't get caught with a dead battery or run out of E-juice anymore. 

Up to 7500 puffs
Battery & E-Juice Indicators
Rechargeable Via Type-C
Matte finish
14mL of e-Liquid Capacity
20mg Salt Nicotine
500mah Internal Battery

It Includes:
1x SLiM 7500 Puff Rechargeable Disposable Vape

Flavour List:
Banana Berry Ice - Savor the delectable fusion of banana and berry notes, perfectly complemented by a refreshing icy finish.
Blueberry Ice - Experience the perfect balance of luscious blueberries and a refreshing icy sensation.
Burst Ice - Encounter a sensational burst of fruity goodness, complemented with a refreshing icy finish.
Grape Ice - Savor the bold and juicy essence of vine-ripened grapes enhanced with an exhilarating blast of icy coolness.
Mango Peach Pineapple - Indulge in a tropical paradise with each inhale, where the delectable flavours of ripe mangoes, juicy peaches, and tangy pineapples blend together, crafting a tantalizing and exotic vaping experience.
Mint - Enjoy the pure essence of a clean and classic mint flavour, offering a refreshingly crisp and cooling sensation.
Orange Peach Ice - Immerse yourself in a vibrant burst of orange, complemented by the sweetness of ripe peaches, all wrapped in a cool icy embrace.
Quad Berry Ice - Savour this luscious combination of four delectable berries harmoniously balanced with a refreshing icy twist in every puff.
Razz Peach Lemon Ice - Relish in a symphony of tangy raspberries, juicy peaches, and zesty lemons, all enveloped in a chilling icy sensation.
Red Apple - Indulge in the crisp and juicy essence of freshly picked red apples in every satisfying puff.

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