Silicone Water Pipe Dry Herb

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These bongs are perfect for the reckless smoker. The Strong Silicone bongs are made of silicone and are virtually unbreakable. They also suction to whatever surface you place them on, making it difficult to knock them over. If you are having a party and plan to provide a bong, this one will certainly survive the festivities. You can roll them up and fit them into a decent sized pocket!

Silicone Water Pipe Features:
Made of 100% grade VI healthcare silicone
Odorless & flavorless
No toxins
Folds to fit into the palm of your hand
Easy to clean & dishwasher safe
Height unfolded: 8.00 inches
Diameter: 1 1/2 inches
9mm Graffix™ composite downstem with 1way stopper ball
9mm alloy eject-a-bowl
Actual Sizes May Vary

Note: Bowl and band colors may vary Picture is just for Reference. Item's are Not exactly as in picture.

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