RAW Classic 20 Stage RAWKET Launcher Cones

RAW Classic 20 Stage RAWKET Launcher Cones

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RAW 20 Stage RAWKET Launcher is an 8 pack display case containing 20 assorted pre-rolled cones in 7 different sizes in each pack. So get the Raw Rawket Launcher today and support your favorite RYO brand. 

  • 2 x RAW Cone Supernatural
  • 2 x RAW Cone Emperador
  • 2 x RAW Cone Peacemaker
  • 2 x RAW Cone 98 Special
  • 4 x RAW Cone King Size
  • 6 x RAW Cone 1 1/4 Size
  • 2 x RAW Cone Lean

These are unbleached, unrefined paper for a smooth, friction-less smoking experience. These cones come with built in paper filters and come conveniently packed in sturdy cardboard packaging with a few packing sticks included.


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