Pulsar Shire Pipe 7.5" Bent Churchwarden

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The Pulsar Shire Pipe 7.5" Bent Churchwarden is made of Rosewood and measures 7.5 inches in length. This hand pipe comes complete with a brushed cotton carrying case for easy transport and storage as well as a plastic pipe stand. The pipe pulls apart for easy cleaning.

Shire Pipes are crafted from real, quality wood and feature a variety of authentic pipe shapes and sizes to choose from. All Shire hand pipes feature a carved Shire Pipe logo and come packaged in a sturdy gift box. Shine Pipes are a wonderful addition to any collection of high quality wooden pipes, 

Size: 7.5"
Stem Size: 5"
Made of Rosewood
Carved Shire Pipe Logo
Use: Dry Herb

It Includes:
1x 7.5" Bent Churchwarden Pipe by Shire Pipe
1x Brushed Cotton Pouch
1x Charcoal Filter
1x Pipe Stand
1x Care Card

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