Puffco Proxy Kit

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The Puffco Proxy Kit puts unmatched versatility and top-tier technology in the palm of your hand. This compact vaporizer harnesses our patented 3D Chamber to deliver premium flavor, featuring four precision heat settings and a simple single-button interface. Start with the Proxy Kit and expand with Pieces from the Proxy Collection. The Proxy is designed to grow with you.

Tailor your vaporizing experience with the 3D Heating Chamber that features four pre-programmed heat settings. All settings are controlled using its software. Each option is meant to provide different experiences:

-Blue 490ºF, Flavor oriented - Thinnest vapor production, great flavor
-Green 510ºF, Flavor Oriented - Average vapor production, average taste
-Red 530ºF, Efficient extracting - Thick Vapor, low flavor
-White 545ºF, Thickest Vapor - Thickest Vapor, least flavor

There is also a secret 5th setting that provides up to 630ºF. To turn it on, press the power button 5 times while on the white setting.

The Puffco Proxy has a decent 1350mAh battery capacity, offering an average battery life of 15 thermal cycles. Say goodbye to frequent recharging and embrace longer, uninterrupted vaporizing sessions. When it's time to recharge, the Puffco Proxy's short full charge time of only 1.5 hours means you'll be back to vaporizing in no time. Although it's not in any way the biggest battery out there, due to the Proxy’s efficient nature, the battery life will last much longer than expected.

1350mAh Battery
Boost Mode
30-Second Heat-Up Time
4 Pre-Programmed Heat Settings
USB-C Connection
Auto-Sleep Function
3D Chamber
1.5 Hour Fast Charge Time
Base (LxWxH): 42 x 42 x 64.75mm
Ceramic Bowl (Sealed)
15-Heat Cycle Average Battery Life
Glass (LxWxH): 42 x 129.41 x 57.48mm

It Includes:
1x Proxy Base with 3D Chamber
1x Proxy Pipe
1x Oculus Carb Cap
1x Loading Tool
1x Dual Tool (5-pack)
1x USB-C Cable
1x Carrying Case

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