Puffco New Peak Pro Travel Pack - Pearl White

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The Puffco New Peak Pro Travel Pack - Pearl White keep everything you need into one place, making it easier than ever to take what you need everywhere you go. In addition to the Oculus Carb Cap, the Peak Pro Travel Pack comes with a Ball Cap. The Oculus Carb Cap that provides a window into your dab experience. The backpack to store your supplies. The comfortable Mouthpiece that allows for a better head position while hitting. The Chamber Jacket & Tether to keep your Oculus carb cap locked in place. Also the Chamber Jacket for using different carb caps.

Ergonomic Mouthpiece
100% Silicone
FDA Approved Material
Dishwasher Safe
**Peak Not Included**

It Includes:
1x Ball Cap
1x Oculus Carb Cap
1x Backpack
1x Mouthpiece
1x Chamber Jacket & Tether

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