Pop Hit Palm 7000 Puff Disposable Rechargeable Vape

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The Pop Hit Vapor Palm Vape is a 7000 puff rechargeable vape made by Pop Hit, one of the most well known companies. Choose from 15 premium flavours. The PopPalm holds 16ml of 20mg nicotine salt E-Juice. The display shows the currant level of the USB Type-C rechargeable battery, and the amount of E-Liquid remaining. No guessing required on when your vape will run out! The battery powers a flavourful mesh coil that brings out the best or each flavour for all 7000 puffs. This great tasting pocketable vape is perfect for all levels of vapors looking for a sleek convenient way to vape.

E-Liquid / Battery Indicator
Up to 7000 Puffs
15 Premium Blend Flavours
16ml E-Liquid
20mg nicotine salt
600mah Battery
Mesh Coil
USB C Charging Port

It Includes:
1x Pop Palm 7000 Vape

Blue Razz Ice: A classic blue raspberry flavor finished with a hint of ice.
Cali Cherry: A luscious blend of sweet and tangy cherries, capturing the essence of sun-kissed orchards with a single delightful taste.
Double Apple: Crisp and juicy, the flavor combines the sweet essence of red and green apples in a single refreshing blend.
Grape Raspberry: A tantalizing fusion of sweet grapes and tangy raspberries, creating a burst of fruity delight.
Mix Fruit Blast: A symphony of ripe strawberries, tropical pineapples, and crisp green apples, creating an exhilarating burst of fruity goodness.
Passion Fruit Kiwi Lime: An electrifying fusion of tangy passion fruit, zesty kiwi, and refreshing lime.
Peach Mango Watermelon: Tropical bliss with a juicy fusion of peach, refreshing mango, and mouthwatering watermelon.
Pearl Grape: Sweet and refreshing, with a burst of juicy grape flavor.
Pink Lemon: A refreshing blend of zesty citrus and sweet tanginess, reminiscent of summer breezes and sun-kissed days.
Poppin Peach: A luscious fusion of juicy peaches, bursting with vibrant sweetness and a refreshing twist.
Strawberry Banana: A delightful fusion of sweet strawberries and bananas, creating a harmonious and refreshing flavor combination.
Strawberry Kiwi: The perfect blend of tangy kiwi and sweet strawberries, creating a refreshing burst of fruity flavor.
Super Berry: A tantalizing fusion of luscious berries that burst with a sweet and tangy explosion, creating a symphony of fruity bliss.
Tropical Clouds: Lusciously sweet with hints of exotic fruits and a refreshing burst of tropical delight of cotton candy.
Watermelon Ice: Juicy, refreshing watermelon with a chilling twist of icy coolness.

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