OVNS Ranger Fit 650mAh Device Battery

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Introducing the OVNS Ranger Fit 650mAh Device Battery, featuring replaceable pre-filled pods, an 650mAh battery, Dual vaping modes (regular and boost mode), precise airflow adjustment, and an all-new LED Display Screen with Battery and E-liquid Indicators.

The  e-liquid indicator provides real-time information about e-liquid levels. This feature is specifically for the OVNS RANGER FIT 12K Pods, ensuring easy monitoring of e-Liquid levels, even when switching between different flavours. The e-liquid level of each pod is indicated when inserted.

Additionally, its precise airflow adjustments allow for personalized vaping. Whether you prefer a tight draw or an airier inhale. The cost of buying a device will soon melt away as you are using the same device and replacing the pods making it a pocket-friendly system.

Toggle on Boost Mode to activate its powerful dual-mesh coil performance in a 18mL e-liquid pod for up to 12,000 puffs!

The RANGER FIT Device LED screen displaying the battery percentage allowing users to easily keep track of their device’s battery life.

Note:  RANGER FIT device is Only Compatible with OVNS RANGER FIT Pods. Buy them HERE

Adjustable Wattage (Boost Mode)
Boost Mode: Dual Mesh Coil 20W
Standard Mode: Single Mesh Coil 12W
Long-lasting and Powerful Battery
Battery: Rechargeable 650mAh
USB Type-C Input allows for Super Fast Charge
Compatible with OVNS RANGER FIT Pods
Electroplating finish
E-Liquid Indicator
Battery Life Indicator

Available Colours:
Gun Metal

It Includes:
1x OVNS Ranger Fit Device Battery


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