Ooze Verge 2500mAh Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Out of all the Ooze vaporizers, the Ooze Verge 2500mAh Dry Herb Vaporizer is the most advanced device we’ve ever created. This state-of-the-art dry herb vape is part of the C-Core collection, which means it uses our proprietary ceramic technology for the smoothest experience ever. It has a 0.5g chamber to load your flower in, which is one of the largest capacities you'll find anywhere!

The Verge uses not one, not two, but three different types of heat to efficiently vaporize every last cannabinoid in your flower. Conductive heat is dispersed throughout the ceramic base and sides of the heating pod chamber. Convection heat pulls the hot air over the top of the herbs. Then far infrared energy penetrates into the center of the pod.

The Ooze C-Core Nano-Glazed ceramic technology has a special formula designed for the most even heat possible. It creates a network of heat that warms up quickly and then retains that heat well. Other ceramics have pockets of heat that cool quickly and need to be reheated a lot. This makes the Verge’s battery incredibly efficient and will last for 10-12 full sessions per charge.

Most dry herb vapes only heat up around the sides, which means the bud around the edges ends up getting torched, while the center is left untouched. This is not what you want! The inefficient heating ends up wasting your weed. Since the edges get toasted quick, each puff will start to taste burnt and like it’s time for a fresh bowl, even though there is plenty of green bud left in the center. The Verge solves this problem entirely with its ability to evenly heat all the way through, and you’ll end up stretching your weed so much farther!

The cannabinoids and trichomes in your flower are what make it sticky. When you effectively vaporize them all so only the dried matter is left, it’s easy to dump right out. Cleaning is quick and easy, and the magnetic heating pod pops right out of the device. Don’t immediately discard the remains! Learn more about what to do with your leftovers (and even enjoy your weed twice) in our blog.

NANO-GLAZED C-CORE - The Ooze C-Core for dry herbs uses our Nano-Glazed ceramic technology. This special formula is 100% heavy metal free. It heats quickly and holds onto that heat, so the device uses less power per session.
0.5G CHAMBER - The Verge’s heating pod has a 0.5g ceramic chamber. This is one of the biggest chambers across all dry herb vapes! Instead of having to pack it multiple times to get your fix, pack it just once and save more of your bud for later.
2500 MAH BATTERY - The Verge’s 2500 mAh battery is our biggest, most powerful battery ever! The Nano-Glazed C-Core helps make the battery life great, too. The Verge will last for 10-12 sessions before needing a charge, depending on what temperature you use.
OLED COLOR SCREEN - Dial all the way in with the bright, full-color screen! There’s no need to complicate things with an app on your phone, control everything easily right on the device itself.
3 HEAT METHODS - The Nano-Glazed C-Core uses 3 types of heat (conduction, convection, and far infrared energy) to break down the water content in your weed to vaporize all the terpenes and cannabinoids.
MAGNETIC POD - The Nano-Glazed C-Core is housed inside a magnetic pod that can easily pop out of the device. This makes cleaning a breeze and allows you to replace the C-Core chamber over time if needed. Just remove the pod, dump out the dried leftovers, and pop it back in.
ENGINEERED AIRWAY - The Verge has air holes on the sides of the device that draw air into either side of the magnetic pod. Your inhale then creates the convection heat that pulls the hot air all around the inside of the chamber, instead of just around the very top.
WATER PIPE ADAPTER - Do you love the big, smooth rips that you get from a bong? You can create that same experience with the Verge! Attach the water pipe adapter (sold separately) and insert the Verge into any 14mm downstem for a bong-vaporizer session.
TYPE-C CHARGING - Included with every Verge is a type-c charging cable. This charges the device quickly and keeps the device covered under the Ooze Warranty Program. Only charge using a wall outlet, and always make sure to use your Ooze charger.

It Includes:
1x Ooze Verge 2500mAh Dry Herb Vaporizer

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