Ooze Trip Silicone Bubbler and Dab Rig

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Ooze Trip Pipe Silicone Water Bubbler and Dab Rig - The Trip is definitely the safest piece we've ever made! This silicone glass piece was designed to be used as a bong AND a dab rig, so we included a flower bowl and a quartz banger. Simply swap your accessory, and maybe change the water if you like, to switch between functions. This piece is made up of a silicone body piece and several glass accessories that keep the smoke tasting clean and pure and less prone to breaking, and gives the piece its shape and structure. The main water chamber is made of glass, and we highly recommend always leaving it connected to the silicone base, even during cleaning. This will help ensure you always have a super tight seal. The bottom also has a suction cup to keep it in one place and helps prevents accidental shifts or bumps. This piece is safe around your clumsiest friends.

It Includes:
1x Ooze Trip Silicone Bubbler and Dab Rig

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