Honeybee Herb - Glass Converter

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Honeybee Herb - Glass Converter - If you're a fan of both rigs and bongs, then you know how frustrating it can be when your favorite pieces aren't compatible. That's where our rig and bong converters come in! These handy little adaptors allow you to connect any banger or flower bowl to any waterpipe, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds without having to buy new pieces.

Our rig and bong converters are made of high-quality glass, so you can be sure they won't affect the taste or quality of your smoke. We have also gone the extra mile and have produced them with a full frosted effect. They're also very easy to use; simply attach the converter to the rig or beaker bong and then place your banger or flower bowl into the opening end of the adaptor. In just seconds, you'll be able to enjoy the smooth, flavorful hits you love.

It Includes:
1x Honeybee Herb - Glass Converter

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