Hitaste P6 Mini Heating Kit 1200mAh

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HiTaste - P6 Mini Heating cigarette system (heat not burn) cigarette is the result of a combination of technology.   With a fully charged cigarette (system), you can make 14-15 full heating cycles.

Main Features:
1. Adjustable time & temp
2. Ceramic heating rod for even heating
3. Informative HD display screen
4. Preheating in 15 seconds; Support 15 sticks when fully charged
5. Auto-clean function
6. Compact design

Technical Data:
Battery capacity: built-in 1200mah
Input voltage: 5V / 500mAh
Charging time: 2 hour
Warm-up time: 15 seconds
Tobacco Sticks: Marlboro/HEETS
Smoke Time: 180-360 seconds
One full charging: Support 12-15 tobacco sticks

Package Includes:
1* HiTaste P6 mini
1* USB cable
1* User Manual
1* Certification


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