Green Monkey Tamarin Grinder 70mm

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The Green Monkey Tamarin Grinder 70mm has a magnificent, reddish-gold fur coat that gleams in the sunlight. Similarly, our Tamarin Series Grinders are perfect for those looking for a piece that is sure to catch the eye while withstanding the test of time. This monkey’s diverse omnivorous diet frequently leads them to eat flowers, which also happen to be the food source of this grinder.

The 4-piece grinder has a magnetic lid and razor sharp teeth that break your herb down to the perfect consistency. It drops down into a collection chamber with a stainless steel mesh screen that suspends the grind above the pollen collector. A scraper tool is included in the pollen chamber to help you fully utilize your product.

Green Monkey Brand
Aluminum Grinder
Dimensions: 2"
4 Pieces
Magnetic Lid
Sharp Teeth
Stainless Steel Mesh Screen
Scraper Tool

It Includes:
1x Green Monkey Tamarin Grinder 70mm

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