Green Monkey Capuchin Grinder 75mm

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The Green Monkey Capuchin Grinder 75mm the monkey of Hollywood, Capuchins are typically the monkeys we see in films and are the favorite controversial pet of celebrities. Just like the monkey, the Capuchin Grinder is an instant classic; well-known and easily-recognizable, reliable, and knows how to get the job done! This is a standard 4-piece, no-frills grinder that is absolutely timeless.

A magnetic lid encloses razor sharp teeth that pulverize your herb to the perfect, light, fluffy consistency. The storage chamber has a mesh sifting screen that suspends the flower above the pollen collector. You can find a guitar pick-shaped scraper in the bottom chamber, the Capuchin is a star of many talents!

75 mm
4-Piece Grinder
Fine Mesh Screen
Titanium Finish
Made from Aluminum
Comes with a scraper

It Includes:
1x Green Monkey Capuchin Grinder 75mm

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