Shatter'd Glassworks - Glycerin Matrix 9" Perc Rig

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Matrix Perc Bubbler Rig - Shatter'd Glassworks - 9"

The Matrix Perc Bubbler Rig by Shatter'd Glassworks. Shatter'd Glassworks is synonymous with quality and this piece is no different. 9" in height from the base to the mouthpiece. This rig comes with a 90° domless banger for easy use of concentrates.

The matrix perc and extended glycerin mouthpiece is where this piece really shines. The mouthpiece is attached to the base with a keck clip. Filled with glycerin, toss this mouthpiece in the freezer before your sesh for some extra smooth, cold, hits. The matrix perc also filters out the water, and with the mouthpiece and perc working in tandem you have a next level smoking experience.


Glycerin Mouthpiece
2-Piece Construction Rig
Matrix Percolator
Banger Included

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