Genie 17" Sandblasted Artwork 7mm glass water bong

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This Genie 17" Sandblasted Artwork 7mm glass water bong is a head turner meticulously crafted from high quality borosilicate glass making this beautiful bong durable. It's clean and promises smooth pulls every time, you wont be disappointed!

Quality Borosilicate Glass
Height: 17"
Thickness: 7mm
Base: 5"
Tube Diameter: 2"
3 pinched ice catcher
Thick Bowl for 14mm female joint
5" downstem
Sandblasted artwork on color tube

It Includes:
1x Genie 17" shower head percolator 7mm glass water bong
1x 5.5" downstem
1x Thick Bowl For 14mm Female Joint

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