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Flowermate iHit - eNail and Dry Material Vaporizer

The new iHit is a battery powered vape station! Featuring a modular dry material unit and a powerful eNail for waxes and oils; the iHit offers the ultimate in versatility and portability!

The Flowermate iHit is the first of its kind: a revolutionary dual-module design featuring an electronic Titanium nail and a convection/conduction hybrid dry material chamber. The fully portable Control Center provides the brains behind the heating modules; an intelligent control system automatically detects which module is connected and sets the temperature range accordingly. The portable Control Center houses a high-capacity 5000mAh internal battery pack capable of outputting an incredible 16.8v of power. Current mode, temperature and battery level are all displayed through the iHit's crisp, clear OLED screen.

eNail Mode:
Who needs a torch? The iHit features a Titanium Nail that heats electronically; no more hassling with a dangerous flame or purchasing expensive fuel. The iHit eNail module offers a wide temperature range of 300°F-716°F (149°C-380°C) to meet personal preference. The heated Titanium nail rapidly vaporizes loaded wax or oil while the borosilicate glass cover and stainless steel topper contain the vapor to be pulled through the included water adapter. The stainless steel water adapter is tapered to fit 18mm, 14mm and 10mm connections for compatibility with nearly ever water pipe.

Dry Material Mode:
The iHit's dry material chamber is made of pure ceramic and features hybrid convection/conduction heating to maximize flavor, extraction efficiency and battery life. The dry material module can access every temperature between 104°F-446°F (30°C-230°C) and is able to reach 400°F in roughly 15 seconds. Use the included borosilicate mouthpiece for direct draw or the stainless steel adapter for water filtration. Two loading tanks are included for use in the ceramic dry chamber: one for pre-packing dry materials and a second with organic cotton to absorb and steadily vaporize melting oil.

Key Features:
Titanium eNail Function
Ceramic Dry Material Chamber
Modular Design
Smart Control Center
OLED Digital Display
5000mAh / 16.8V Internal Battery
eNail Temps: 300°F-716°F (149°C-380°C)
Dry Chamber Temps: 104°F-446°F (30°C-230°C)
Dry Chamber Heats 0-400°F in 15 Seconds
Borosilicate Mouthpiece for Dry Chamber
Dry Tank and Wax/Oil Tank for Dry Chamber
Stainless Steel Water Adapter for Dry Chamber and eNail
Dimensions: 4.5"W x 4.5"H x 7.5"D

Easy Operation:
Turn on the power switch at the rear of the control center and press the power button on the front of the control center five times in quick succession. If you're using the Dry Chamber load it with your chosen material. Connect your desired module; the Smart Control system automatically detects your choice and begins heating to the default setting. Adjust the temperature as desired with the + and - buttons: holding down the button cycles faster. When the red LED goes solid the module is up to temperature. If you're using the eNail begin your draw as you load your material onto the 'moat' of the titanium nail. Once the material is melted lower the stainless steel topper over the glass section and continue breathing. After 10 minutes of use or 1 minute of inactivity sleep mode is activated: to reactivate the unit press any key and hold the power button for two seconds to reheat. When you're finished turn off the power switch on the back of the control center.

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