Dip Devices EVRI Starter Pack

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The Dip Devices EVRI Vape Multifunctional Vaporizer Kit provides one with everything needed to get into the rapidly evolving world of cannabis vapes with a complete multi-functioned solution. The EVRI foundation is a Battery Device that utilizes magnetic connections that link with many different attachments. The Vapor Tip attachment acts similarly to a dab straw  and a 510 threaded converter that will allow the use of 510 threaded devices and vape pods. More attachments are in development, and you can search to see other compatible devices available now. This Multifunctional Vaporizer Starter Kit leads to a gateway of consumption experiences, don't be held back on what you can consume based on your device.

Dry Herb, Concentrates, CBD
Magnetic Snap-In Connections
Spring Loaded Carb Button
Variable Temperature Control
Patented Ceramic Heating Technology
Great For Dabs
Connects To Almost Any Water Pipe
Works With All Concentrates
Extended Draw Mode
Easy To Clean
1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

It Includes:
1x EVRI Battery Device
1x EVRI Vapor Tip Attachment
1x EVRI 510 / Pod Attachment
1x Micro USB Charger Cable
1x EVRI Male Glass Adapter Connector
1x Micro USB to USB Charging Cable

*The picture showing 3 attachments and the battery is illustrating the 510/Cart attachment twice, one picture with a cart in it and one with a 510 accessory.

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