Dablione Fin Vapor Pipe

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The Dablione fin vapor rig is a patented and travel friendly pipe designed for either dry herbs or concentrates. The dablione’s ability to function as a dab chillum is what makes this pipe extremely unique. The Dalione can be used as a stand alone pipe, or you can take advantage of the vapor rig function by adding it to a water pipe.

Made of pure quartz this piece is more than simply gorgeous, it's also extremely durable. A rubber, heat resistant fitting is secured to the 14mm Dablione making it compatible with 14mm water pipes. Using it as a typical nail and dome is about as easy as it gets. All you have to do is pull the nail tip from the outer tube, put it in your water pipe, then heat the nail as usual. If you truly enjoy dabbing, this is the rig to get. The handle and grommet may vary in colour that may differ from images.

Dablione Features:
Use: Dry Herb + Concentrates
Dablione Savvy & Quality Craftsmanship
Pocket Friendly Size
Durable, Heavy Duty Quartz
Multiple Uses
What's in the Box:
1x - Fin Vapor Pipe by Dablione

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