Crystal Magnum 28" Gun Bong

Crystal Magnum 28" Gun Bong

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Introducing the Crystal Magnum 28" Gun Bong, a masterpiece of elegance and functionality. This bong is designed to elevate your smoking experience with its impressive size, sleek design, and smooth hits. Experience the luxury of smoking with the 28" Crystal Magnum Bong. Its impressive size and design make it a standout piece in any collection, while its functionality ensures a superior smoking session every time.

Height: 28 inches for optimal smoke cooling and diffusion.
Material: High-quality borosilicate glass ensures durability and heat resistance.
Design: Crystal-clear glass with a sleek and modern silhouette for a sophisticated look.
Base: Wide and stable base ensures balance and stability during use.
Joint Size: 14mm, compatible with various accessories for customization.

It Includes:
1x Crystal Magnum 28" Gun Bong

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