Crafty+ & Crafty Wear and Tear Set Storz & Bickel

Crafty+ & Crafty Wear and Tear Set Storz & Bickel

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The Crafty+/Crafty Wear and Tear Set from Storz and Bickel has the equipment required to get your Crafty+ Vaporizer vaping Cannabis at maximum quality and optimal functionality after being well used. Replacing lost, crusty, old or possibly broken items you can get your Crafty vaporizing just like new again! New screens, mouthpieces, cooling unit and even a cleaning brush, this kit will provide you with the knowledge that your investment can last a long time and perform like new as long as you choose.

Renew you crafty with new bits and pieces for a return to new vape
Crafty/Crafty+ - Compatible

It Includes:
1x Cooling unit
3x Mouthpieces
4x Liquid pads
2x Extra fine screen
4x Regular screen
1x Cleaning brush
2x Filling chamber tool

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