13" Genie Electroplated Glass Beaker Bong ( F11 )

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This is beautiful electroplated finish beaker bong. It comes with an 5mm 6 slits diffused downstem and a 14mm thick bowl. From there smoke is diffused and cooled in the main chamber. A long 5mm thick tube keeps water from bubbling up towards the thick, comfortable mouthpiece, and 3 pinched ice catcher will hold a few cubes for even cooler smoke. This water pipe is made of quality borosilicate glass.

Quality Borosilicate Glass
Height: 13"
Thickness: 5mm
Base: 5"
Tube Diameter: 2"
3 Pinched ice catcher
Electroplated Finish
Thick Bowl for 14mm joint
5.5" 6 slits downstem

Appearance may vary from actual product, picture is for reference only.

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