Yocan CubeX TGT Coils (5 Pack)

Yocan CubeX TGT Coils (5 Pack)

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Yocan CubeX TGT Coils (5 Pack) combine ceramic donut and quartz XTAL rod without heating coils exposed. Load your concentrate on the ceramic donut, it will immediately melt and be absorbed by the XTAL rod in the middle and then nebulize. You can get enormous vapor with excellent flavour by the perfect combinations of ceramic and quartz.

TGT Coil(Target Tech)
TGT Coil Resistance: 0.4-0.5Ω
Chamber Material: Ceramic & Quartz
Weight: 15g

Package Contents:
1 Yocan CubeX TGT Coil (5 Pack)

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