Xtreme 12" Glass Gravity Bong

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Xtreme 12" Glass Gravity Bong - There is something special about the classics. Sure, the extra features in other bongs help, but sometimes you just want to smoke it like you have always been doing it. That is why we love the Gravity bong so much. It doesn't have many dazzling features ' it is just a solid classic bong, the way we have been using for years and years now. If you aren't into the new bong technologies and just want a simple smoking experience, then this is the bong that you were looking for. It is made of high quality glass.

12" Height
3" diameter
Thick bowl for 14mm female joint
Help conserve your herbs or tobacco by holding smoke within the inner chamber
Gift Box

It Includes:
1x Xtreme 12" Glass Gravity Bong

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