Tronian Gammatron Mouthpiece

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Tronian Gammatron Kanthal Heating Element (2 Pack) This Element pack consists of two spring-wound glass kanthal coils, three heating element o-rings, and three base device o-rings. Rolling the coil into a spring before winding it around the glass is essential to increase the distance of the coil packed into the heating element. This ensures that the heat emanates more evenly and much faster, allowing a session to capture all active ingredients in one inhale rather than having them separated by a weak coil too slow to heat up for an element to be effective. For users frequently using their Gammatron, ensure this pack is ready for future replacements. Replacing used parts will allow you to get the most out of the Tronian Gammatron and truly enjoy the most convenient wax pen on the market.

It Includes:
2x Spring-wound Kanthal coils
3x Kanthal Heating Element O-Ring
3x Base Device O-Ring

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