Tronian Gammatron Dab Pen

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The Tronian Gammatron Dab Pen is a wax pen that combines valuable features into a sturdy, portable design that will truly stand the test of time. This device features a large 800mAh battery and a Zirconia tool built into the mouthpiece for easy wax access. The integrated spring-wound Kanthal Glass Coil is great at efficiently vaporizing any concentrates you fit into the chamber. As a bonus, the device features its very own wax container for easy access and storage.

The engineers at Tronian created the Gammatron as a one-stop solution for wax users by giving it the complete feature set. The added storage container for wax is a testament to how user-friendly the device is. The container is layered with silicone on the inside for an air-tight seal to prevent terpenes from escaping. The built-in tool attached to the mouthpiece is made of Zirconia which is exceptionally resistant to heat and can be quickly soaked in alcohol for an easy but deep clean.

The Tronian Gammatron heats up instantly and features voltage calibration. Terpenes are released at lower temperatures than other active ingredients in the concentrate. If a device has a slow heat-up time, users will find themselves experiencing the terpene flavors in the first inhale while getting the major active ingredients in later draws after the flavor is somewhat exhausted. The instant heat-up time of the Gammatron allows heat to spread evenly and quickly, so that users can inhale flavourful vapor and active ingredients in the first draw. The Gammatron vaporizer features three temperature settings, the lowest being better suited for flavor at 2.7V. In contrast, at 3.3V, the highest setting is best suited to generate massive clouds.

The Spring-Wound Kanthal Glass Coil is incredibly durable and efficient. This type of coil lowers your overall cost over time and is far less likely to break compared to a non-spring bound coil. These coils go through a unique process of rolling them into a spring before moving around the glass rod. This process is key to fitting a longer coil inside the heating chamber. The Kanthal Glass Coil's most significant advantages are the lack of blind spots and the near-instant heat-up time. The Gammatron adds a slight hint of convection by taking the air in from the sides of the chamber. This slight convection boost allows it to output flavorful vapor, despite being coil-based.

3 Voltage settings (2.7V/3.0V/3.3V)
Optimized Voltage Calibration
Long Battery Life
Instant Heat Up
LED indicators
Feature-rich Wax Pen
Spring-wound Kanthal Glass Coil
High-end scratch-resistant PVD Coating
Wax storage container
Built-in Zirconia tool
800mAh Battery
10 minutes Auto Shut Off

It Includes:
1x Tronian Gammatron Dab Pen

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