Pulsar VLT 510 Battery Lighter & 510 Vaporizer 650mAh

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Pulsar VLT 510 Battery Lighter & Vaporizer 650mAh - Harness the electric lightening power of a the Pulsar VLT 510 Vaporizer Battery & Lighter: a sleek device that ignites cigs, joints, and vape carts and fits into the palm of your hand! With its flip-top build and concealed cartridge port, users will be shocked at how much they love it.

Measuring just 3.4 inches (8.6cm) tall, the Pulsar VLT slides easily into pockets, purses, and stash bags. Despite its compact build, the vape battery sports a discreet cartridge port with magnetic connection. The magnetic adapters are included to fit 0.5mL and 1mL 510-threaded carts, with storage in the flip-top lid for the extra one to keep it safe until needed; the vape can even be used with the lid closed, by drawing through a small slit in the top. Users can choose between 3 preset voltage settings (2.8-3.8V) to highlight rich flavors or produce large clouds, and a Pre-Heat function provides 15 seconds of heat to prime carts and prevent clogs.

The feature that really gives the Pulsar VLT its spark is the built-in electric lighter! A small button below the central power button on the device activates a wind-proof, butane-free coil that can be used to ignite cigs, joints, and more. The lighter ignites for 10 seconds at a time to avoid overheating, and it includes a silicone cover to protect the user from the heated element.

This powerful vape has a 650mAh battery and utilizes both auto-draw and button activation. To protect from overheating, the device is programmed with overvoltage and short circuit protection. Users can charge up quickly with USB-C charging (charging cable not included). 

650mAh battery
VLT 510 vape battery
3.4 inches tall
Built-in electric lighter w/ silicone cover
Variable voltage settings (2.8-3.8V)
Concealed cartridge port
Magnetic attachment
Auto-draw & button activation
Pre-heat function
USB-C charging
Multiple color options available

***Cartridge not included***

It Includes:
1x Pulsar VLT Vape Battery & Lighter
1x 0.5mL Magnetic cart ring connector
1x 1mL Magnetic cart ring connector

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