Kink 11.5" Zong Water Bong

Regular price $49.95

When you're hitting those bong rips one after the other using the Kink Zong Glass water bong, you might want to keep reminding yourself of the fact that your bong is just shaped in the most surreal way possible. You are just high, you're not trippin, bruh. The Kink Zong Glass water pipe looks like something Salvador Dali might have been smoking up with. It's a surrealistic work of art that gets you high. It is that one bong which gets every weed smoker feeling giddy just by looking at it. Try it out.

Quality Borosilicate Glass
Height : 11.5"
Thickness : 4.4 mm
Base : 4.4"
Tube Diameter: 1.65 "
Thick Bowl for 14 mm joint
5 1/4" down stem

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