Innokin Zenith 2 & Zlide Plex3D Z-Coils Heads 5pcs

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The Innokin Zenith Replacement Coil is designed for Zentih MTL tank. It has three coils option: 1.6ohm coil for cooler vape, 0.8ohm coil for warmer vape and 0.48ohm Plexus Z-Coil which is an advanced Mesh Coil with large heating area and ultra fast wicking for superior flavor and longevity. You can choose one according to your needs. You can replace coils without emptying tank. The 1.6ohm MTL coil is also compatible with nicotine salt liquid.

Coil Resistance:
1.6ohm (cooler vape at 10-14W)
1.0ohm Z coil 20-25W
0.8ohm (warmer vape at 15-18W)
0.48ohm Z-plex3D Mesh Coil
0.3ohm Mesh (30-40W)

Packing list:
1 x 5pcs Innokin Zenith Plex3D Z-Coils:

Fit for: Innokin Zenith MTL tank, Zlide Tank, Zenith Pro, Kroma Z, Zenith 2 , Kroma-R

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