Infyniti 12" Green tube glass water bong

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Looking for the perfect way to celebrate 420 in luxurious style? You might want to get your hands on one of these babies. Gone are the days that weed smokers will be regarded as class-less hippies. The 12" Infyniti 5mm Round base beaker bong is the S***! Infyniti glass really out did themselves with this model here. Featuring a green glass and round shape that looks nothing short of majestic, the glass bong is a beauty to behold complete with a bowl, bowlstem, and a downstem for a good smoke sesh. 

Height: 12"
Green tube
Thick bowl for 14mm female joint
5.5" down stem for 18mm female joint
Tube: 2"
Base: 5"
Thickness: 5 mm
3 Pieces

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