HONEYPUFF Fruit Flavored Hemp Wraps

HONEYPUFF Fruit Flavored Hemp Wraps

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High-quality material: HONEYPUFF King Size Rolling Papers are made using fine-quality papers and organic vegan gum without any GMOs to provide you with a pure, natural product for your smoking mixture.

6 Great flavors: Enjoy your smokes in a sweet way. To enhance your smoking experience, these papers are made using fruit extract in 15 different flavors. Alternate between blueberry, strawberry, chocolate and more.

Slow-burning rate: You’re sure to enjoy your smoking mixture each and every time. These rolling papers promote a smooth, slow-burning rate so you can savor your smoke from the first puff until the very last.

Eco-friendly papers: You don’t have to worry about clean-up or harming the environment. Pure and natural, these rolling papers are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly for added convenience.
High Quality Natural Wood

The Size of Rolling Paper : King Size
High Quality Natural Wood
2 Sheets and Tips per Booklet
100% Tobacco Free
100% Organic Hemp
GMO Free
Re-usable sealed pouch

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