Green Cannabis Co. - 4.5" Cob Pipe

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Cob Pipe - Green Cannabis Co. - 4.5"

Green Cannabis Co.'s take on the classic. The Cob Pipe is plastic and metal-free and is biodegradable after use.

Simple and hard-working, this pipe will last for years when cleaned and maintained regularly. Over time, the resins in the corn will slowly release and it actually becomes sweeter. The more you use it, the better it gets.

The Cob Pipe is made from a piece of real corn and a birch wood stem with an all-natural sealant on the mouthpiece. It's perfect for smoking CBD, cannabis or tobacco. Super simple, classic and no better way to enjoy your favourite flower.


Biodegradable after use
All-natural sealed mouthpiece
All-natural materials. Corn and birch
Packaging made with 100% recycled paper
Perfect for tobacco or cannabis
Made in Canada
Product Specs: 4.5" (h) x 1.5" (w) x 1.0" (d)

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