Shatter'd Glassworks - Chillum 3" Glass One Hitter - 12mm

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Glass One Hitter Chillum 3" - 12mm - Shatter'd Glassworks

If you're looking for something portable and discreet to use for enjoying your herbs when you're out and about, the Shatter'd Glassworks chillum is a great choice. This nice chillum is 3 inches long, and it's super easy to use. Just load the bowl end with your favorite ground herb, fire it up, and inhale through the mouthpiece. The glass airway cools your smokey hit before it enters your lungs for a more enjoyable smoking experience.

The pinched mouthpiece of this simple glass chillum prevents unwanted ash and bits of herb from moving further down the pipe and into your mouth.


Thick Borosilicate Glass
3 inches long
Shatter'd Glassworks branded
Portable hand pipe
Multiple Colours

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