Genie GTVP 3 in 1 Vaporizer

Regular price $87.95

The Genie GTVP 3 in 1 Vaporizer is a unique device that allows you to vape 3 different ways. 

The first, attach the glass adaptor to your bong or rig and get the smoothest experience as the vapour is cooled and filtered through the water.

The second, attach the heating tip and glass connector on to vape concentrates directly from the unit.

The third, the device is compatible with 510 concentrate cartridges, screw it in and and vape it like any other 510 battery.

It Includes
1x GTVP Vaporizer body
1x Filter glass
1x Heatin Tip
1x Atomizer
1x Glass connector
1x Glass adapter for 14 mm female joint
1x USB Chargign cable
1x User manual
1x Cleaning Q-tips
1x Dab tool
1x Silica gell sleeve
4x O-rings

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